Darren Handley Surfboards in store, yep, yep!!

DHD surfboards

It’s a great day, we haven’t stocked DHD surfboards for a few years, but they’re back in the rack now. Customs available and anything in their stock range, 6 to 8 weeks delivery.
Not heard of DHD? he’s just shaped for Mick Fanning 3 x world champ and Stephanie Gilmore 6 x world champ for years.

dhd dx1


The number one seller from DHD, the DX1, performance board for performance waves. comes in round trail or rd square, it runs a single concave through the middle into the trail. Fast and controllable.

Epoxicore DHD


“Over thirty years of designing and shaping surfboards has led me to create a board that brings together the positive attributes of both traditional fibreglass and epoxy construction. The development team embraced the project as we explored new technology, design and manufacturing techniques.” DHD

Superior Weight Distribution

With superior weight distribution designed to eliminate speed “chatter”, improve rail performance and introduce more flex to the bottom of half of the board.

the unique thing is you still have the forward momentum of a regular board but with the core making it ideal for someone who wants to ride an epoxy
Mick Fanning

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