Rainy day ramble.

If you’re regular in our store, you may know now that we love our adventures. It’s what drives the store, it drives what we stock and who we hire.  I find it interesting how most surf shops now, aren’t selling the adventure part of surfing anymore. Surf to me is about taking off for the weekend, camping at your secret spot and just searching for that uncrowded spot. Having the right gear, jackets, sleeping bags and warm gear just makes it that more achievable. Flag taking the phone, don’t take a selfie, maybe take a photo of a mate instead, just don’t tell anybody where you are. We are trying to be that adventure store. We don’t sell cheap shit, designed to work once and then throw away. Every brand and product we sell, we sell because we believe it works. We do deals instore all the time, come and talk we are here to help.

Adventures coming up

A couple of us are off biking the Ghost Road this weekend, something I’ve been looking forward to for years, should be a great bike ride through amazing country.

Just said good by to Raf again (Raf is a along time staff member working for us when isn’t having fun) he’s off to west Indo for 2 months surfing, he only just got back from 2 months in Japan Snowboarding. Good luck buddy!

We’ve got big plans for ski touring this year, hoping  to hit some of the harder peaks around here, just need some snow!

Surf more! Play more!

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