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Doite specializes in outdoor equipment and apparel brand, thanks to its continuous research and product development, has achieved the highest standards of quality and international prestige.

Doite born in Chile, in 1980, when founder realizes that there are few places in the world where there is such a diverse geography and with such incipient development of implementation to practice outdoor disciplines. Given this scenario, not only set out to create a brand that achieved the maximum Outdoor balance between quality and price, but also promote a new culture in this area.

Since then, Doite has been the pioneer brand in the development of the activity of camping in the country, becoming today an international leader with a presence in Latin America, Oceania, Europe and Asia.   The key to this position, it has been his spirit of adventure and brand projection responsible maturation has experienced in the local market.

It is also the national brand that disseminates best landscapes of Chile, because being in the corner of the world has provided great advantages in its expansion strategy, generating curiosity in the development of its products and good reception in countries like Norway or New Zealand , identified with the geographical characteristics of Chile, typical of countries with extreme climates and landscapes.

Doite Thus ends the myth that “every good brand born in a developed country” and demonstrates that international success is achieved with a solid strategic planning, to allow proper development of it.

Technology and Commitment

Among its main objectives is is the continuous research of the most demanding needs that make up the wide spectrum of disciplines outdoor, as well as the discovery of new technologies that are due to the highest quality standards in product development equipment, accessories and technical clothing.

Thus Doite meet the commitment to provide customers a true experience based on social responsibility, a great ecological sense and culture of ” Outdoor trackless “ .


Providing our customer experience based on social responsibility outdoor adventure, a great ecological sense and vision of a world without borders.

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