Wetsuits for sale

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Wetsuits for sale

I’ve been unpacking wetsuits all week, best range I’ve seen in our store for along time. The womens wetsuits this year are unreal, heaps of colour and fit has been really good. In the day when everything seems to be getting more expensive every year, wetsuits seem to be getting cheaper. What you get now in a entry level wetsuit, superstretch rubber, thermal lining, GBS seams just gets better every year. Means more surfing, lighter and warmer.

In the mens all the new zipfree suits are in from Ripcurl and Quiksliver, zipfree you ask, whats wrong with a zip? Wetsuits are so good by pushing the boundaries, no zip means less weight and more stretch, entry in practice is very similar to chest zips and they feel great in the water. I’ve only just started using one, I’ll give a more long term test review later.

If your in the area and need a wetsuit come in and let us fit you out, if you’ve seen cheaper let us know.




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